Workshop of the UG students in Kakheti

The master class for the UG college students was carried out in an informal environment by an away tour in Kakheti

The master class included two directions. One of them was artificial intellect which was conducted by Davit Bitmakishevi and the second one was about PenTest i.e. Identifying weaknesses in web applications-the trainer Shota Noniashvili.

Before the training they were met with the director of a college Sulkhan Sulkhanishvili who told them about future plans. He listened to their opinions and viewpoints related to the educational environment

Our students are first ones for the UG College. We taught them many things and learnt from them even more

We are proud to see that the first submission is recruited by such eager and talented, funny and friendly people having interest in their profession!

The University of Georgia Vocational College Administration represents its gratitude to Old Telavi Resort & Spa Zuzumbo for hospitality!

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